Women 2 Wheels W2W, is a motorcycling network for women who ride and live within South Australia, launched in March 2013 for women motorcyclists to meet up, build friendships and share their enthusiasm about all things motorcycling.

They host and support various events throughout the year from charity rides, random catch ups for lunch, maintenance evenings, track days… through to adventure riding. They provide a strong support network for their members, throughout the State; if someone wants company on a ride, they can put a shout out on social media and others in the area, if feeling inclined, can meet up, for that magical throttle therapy.



The atmosphere of the group is encouraging no matter what your riding skills are.


Some of them cross deserts, some roam the world, others are still learning basic bike skills, but when they’re together to explore the wind, they do so in a supportive and safe environment. A real solid and honest group where your self-confidence will get a definite boost.

They’ve had some terrific maintenance courses, organised by some of the members and supported by Coast Powersports in Morphet Vale, they receive consistent support and great discounts from retail businesses, such as AMX and technical advice and support from the likes of O’D Motorsports for those women keen on trying out some track days.


Regular overnighters are organised on occasion as well, so plenty to do, plenty of opportunities to encourage women to join together on a number of fun and also learning activities.

I am a member of this group and have ridden with some of the ladies as well and all I have met have been extremely approachable and sociable… I admire the way that each person, no matter what bike, age or other demographic… are all equal and are all welcome.


In March 2022, Toni, W2W co-founder, organised a group ride to Kangaroo Island for the iconic annual Black Dog Ride, which supports conversation and awareness about depression and suicide prevention.


There were women of a variety of ages and riding skills. Mary Knightsrider, our very own Woman Moto journalist is the other co-founder and joined in that fun weekend… writing of the experiences of two ladies from completely different ends of the motorcycling spectrum, over that weekend.



If you’re in South Australia, I highly recommend this group of women to ride with.




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