A strong sisterhood, of support networks… where life-long bonds are made with those to share rides, confidence, skills and experiences with.

From newbies to long-time riders.

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Women Adventure Riders Australia

WARA is for like-minded women from all over Australia, who have the passion to ride adventure bikes.



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BIKERS4BIKERS DOWN is band of brothers and sisters built on the unshakeable foundations of love, loyalty, honour, trust and respect. A network so strong it extends a hand when you stumble and picks you up when you’ve been knocked down.

We’re not superheroes; just ordinary people with extraordinary hearts who believe in standing by our friends and their families. If you’re a fallen rider in need, we have volunteers, Australia wide to lend a helping hand around the house and garden to help ease the burden.

May We Never Be Needed, But Always Be Ready

We hope to never receive that call; the one that tells us another member of our family has been hurt. But if that day comes, we stand at the ready.

If you need help, or you’re someone who believes in our cause and want to join our ranks as a volunteer, feel free to reach out to our very own Cheri Nunn, either through our Facebook page or by calling direct (02) 45713809

It’s not about the fall, but how we rise… together.

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NZ Biker Chicks

For girls who love the feeling of the wind in their hair and bugs on their visor. Those who ride with the throttle fully twisted, the Sunday riders and everyone in between.


She Lives to Ride

This group welcomes all wāhine in New Zealand, who ride a motorcycle or want to. They exchange stories, ideas & questions, share some great event rides, destinations and recommended places to stay.




TAS Tasmanian Women Riders Network

Whilst feeling massively out of my comfort zone, my fears quickly disappeared, as I was instantly welcomed into the fold, by a cheerful lady by the name of Cindy, who was so friendly and genuine with the introductions to all the women who had arrived. What impressed me was the group’s camaraderie overall and the considerable variety of bikes…

VIC Girl Riders Around Ballarat

It’s all about the networking…



WA Women Motorcycle Riders

WAWMR offers a safe, friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere where women can work on their road craft, improve their riding skills, boosting not only their confidence on the road, but their overall self-confidence. Riders of all levels and riding styles are welcomed.






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