Women Adventure Riders Australia

WARA welcomes like-minded women from all over Australia, who have the passion to ride adventure bikes with have a strong following of 2,100 members and steadily growing.

It’s a private page to share information and experiences with other riders which in turn provides encouragement and support for all skill levels, in a respectful and considerate environment.

Deanne Westwood on her BMW

Members often organise rides to get together and share their experiences. They discuss events, such as large group rides, motorcycle First Aid courses, off road training, bike repair and maintenance or anything else that empowers them as a rider.

Tanya Price packed and raring to explore

They have a representative who liaises with overseas groups, such as, Global Motorcycle Adventures of Women Riders, Global Women Who Ride and GS Girls. By liaising with these larger groups, they’re able to share and receive information about what’s happening for women adventure riders around the world.

Stacey Morrice-Manoglou

They welcome all and hope they help, inspire and support your two wheel dream.

Not much phases Lisa Skinner, just all part of the ride…

I was fortunate enough to meet founder of the group, Jo Wharmby, whilst down in Tassie… she even shouted me a scrumptious lunch at the Richmond Arms Hotel,

Jo Wharmby, founder of WARA and deadset awesomest woman!

her passion and commitment she has for WARA and the women within it was so empowering. She came across as extremely welcoming, candid and hilariously funny, definitely the real deal!

I’ve interacted and followed the adventures of this group over the past couple of years and can see they have great respect for each other and are willing to share their bike knowledge and any spectacular trails they come across. Definitely a worthy group to be part of.

Emma-Jayne Archer Woolfrey, taking her Husky out for its maiden ride



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