Venture into pure heated bliss 

This is the ultimate winter accessory! No more Mrs Michelin look and movement restrictions from winter layering; thin, but like wearing a very flexible electric blanket; it even comes with a remote control! It is a deluxe accessory for winter, but without the deluxe price tag… the best $280 I have ever spent on a motorcycle related accessory.

I’ve done a lot of big road trips in my time… love those wide-open spaces with roads that never seem to reach the horizon. The only thing that spoils it all is that wind-chill factor, where no matter how much marino and layering of windproof you’re wearing, that constant cold air hitting your chest at open highway speeds, will finally seep on through to the bone. There could be one teensy gap in your layering of a scarf or gloves, blowing up under your waist even, enough to totally wipe out any chance you had of staying warm… that one, tiny little, weak link can spoil all the fun.

Riding through the Tasmanian winter last year was the deciding factor. I wanted to enjoy the crisp winter days with friends, exploring all those spectacular hide-outs, but wanted to arrive warm and comfortable… I’ve done my years of the hard yards and whilst I still won’t have other comforts on the bike, like windshield, or cruise control, wrist rests, etc., I do need to keep my upper body warm to enjoy the ride.

Simple solution is this Venture Heat Deluxe Motorcycle Heated Jacket Liner. Because it heats your neck, arms, chest and back, it really doesn’t matter about the tiny leak from your scarf coming lose and you can say good riddance to that wind-chill factor, because although it’s not stopping the cold air from getting through your outer layers… it does stop it from making you frozen on the inside.

There are three heat settings, easily reached at your waist, with a gloved hand, but if you like gadgets, there’s an included battery operated, remote that attaches to your handlebars. The warmth it gives your body, makes riding in any cold temperature enjoyable.

Tech speak:

  • Features an integrated wireless controller that mounts on vehicle for ease of access to heat settings.
  • Quick-heat technology has the liner heated up in approximately 10-15 seconds.
  • Micro-alloy fibre heating elements strategically placed around the back, collar, sleeves and chest.
  • The heating elements are wire free, carbon fibre panels which bend, twist and fold without the risk of damage, so you can shove it into a back pack or saddle bags without fear of anything breaking.
  • Connector cables run down sleeves for the 12V glove range.


  • They have pants and feet warmers as well, which are attached via a splitter set-up… but I haven’t tried this yet.
  • Slim in design, so no thicker than a fine rain jacket, the lightweight liner is 100-percent nylon with a poly insulation fill which easily fits under your motorcycle jacket without effecting your mobility.
  • Weather resistant, so safe in the wet elements.
  • Plugs into your existing battery tender attachment, with an adaptor, or there is included wiring for your battery, with relevant fuses… all very simple to install, as in yes… if you can use a screw-driver and a crescent, maybe a couple of cable ties, then you’ve got it sussed.
  • Manufacturer recommendations is that you don’t wear it too loose. I fit a women’s 12 – 14 and wear the medium size.


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