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Training Schools

Here at Woman Moto we put the utmost importance on rider skills and safety. These rider Training Schools have been recommended by your peers.


Finding an instructor you’re comfortable with can be a challenge… these are some of the good ones:

Motorcycle training New Zealand




NZ Love Motorcycle Training


NSW Girl

NSW Next Level Motorcycling


Elsewhere on Wheels female-focused standing for equal participation in motorcycle life



NT Elsewhere on Wheels



QLD AMA Q – Ride

QLD A Plus Motorcycle Training


WA Ride Master Academy

WA Metro Motorcycle Training

WA Perth Hills Motorcycle Training



These 5 star businesses give something we could all learn from at some stage.  Some of us are newbies, some have ridden years ago and just getting back into it, some just wish to refresh and upskill…


So many benefits from updated training and explanation methods, behind life saving need-to-know rider techniques…



Supporting those businesses… that support us.

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