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Tech Savvy articles to enhance your biking expertise.

Learn about waterproof ratings, bike rebuilds, hand signals, reading tyres and many more articles, for a smoother ride… enjoy



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Waterproof Ratings

Considering buying a jacket and/or pants for rain protection?

Check the waterproof rating guide here, before you spend that hard-earned coin…




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RUST and Your Motorcycle

Cancerous rust causes damage by eating metal, consequently weakening and possibly defecting, key components like the chain, wheels, frame and tank.

How to identify and be proactive about rust.




Read your rubbers motorcycle tyre



Read Your Rubbers

Tyres miraculously keep your bike upright, pointed in the right direction and are a super-important to stop you falling off. Reading tyre wear patterns is a skill worth learning, so you know what’s going on, down below, whether you’re a weekend, highway-warrior, daily commuter or adventure gal…





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Motorcyclist Hand Signals police ahead

Hand Signals

If you see anyone doing some of the following, no they’re not having a John Travolta disco moment in their seat, they’re trying to communicate something to you. Hand signals are important for group riding and other uses, e.g., your electrics may be on the blink, or you’re warning oncoming vehicles or your riding buddy.



Women rebuilding motorcycle

All Women Bike Build

Women from across Melbourne join together to rebuild an old Yamaha Virago to ride to Shelia’s Shakedown, the notorious women’s motorcycle festival, Victoria.

A two part article… do the girls make it to Sheila’s Shakedown as planned?



Group riding women motorcyclists

Group Riding Etiquette

Hey… don’t you love getting together for a ride with friends… checking out some new twisties, following the coast, trailing through the bush tracks or just off to find somewhere with a bike-friendly atmosphere to have lunch, catching up for a long over-due chit-chat and a few laughs! Riding in a larger group, however, is a whole new concept of riding.


S-l-o-w Going

One of the least fun things to do on your road bike is to go slow but having your bike under control at very slow speeds is definitely a skill… and a skill that should be learned and practised often.  Various manoeuvres require this invaluable, steady type of control, e.g., U-turns, getting caught in peak hour traffic, riding uneven surfaces, steep driveways.







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