An introduction of our new Team Member, Cat Ryan:

In the world of unexpected mateship, there’s a bond that defies the norm. A connection between a determined mum of two and her trusty mate, a 2007 Yamaha V-Star Classic 650, affectionately known as Goose.

My journey into the biking scene is a tale of resilience and self-discovery.


Motorcycle mum and daughtersAs a mum to two ripper kids, Tilly and Luna, I’ve navigated the challenges of parenthood after the tragic loss of their father in 2015. The demands of raising my daughters sometimes obscured my own identity. This is a common struggle for many mums finding themselves consumed by their kids’ needs.

But late in 2023, a pivotal decision changed my outlook. I announced to my mates I was going to get my motorbike license, an unexpected yet liberating choice. However, the road to riding wasn’t without its challenges.

As a plus-size woman, finding suitable gear proved to be a challenge until I stumbled upon MotoGirl. This brand I now enthusiastically recommend to my fellow riders.

The initial days of motorcycle training were nerve-wracking, marked by jitters and uncomfortable conditions.


Despite a shaky start on the first day of testing, I returned a week later. Buoyed by determination and surrounded by a supportive group of sheilas, I passed triumphantly with flying colours.

With license in hand, I embarked on the quest for my perfect ride.


After much mulling over and test rides, I stumbled upon the 650 cc V-Star Classic with custom upgrades. An irresistible choice.


2007 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic with storm clouds in the background


She’s decked out with LED lights and a Mustang seat for added comfort. I affectionately named her Goose. More than just a mode of transportation, she’s my trusty mate on the journey of self-discovery.

The early rides with Goose were marked by milestones…


…short trips to the servo, tentative loops around the ‘hood. It wasn’t long before longer journeys were embraced. Supported by my mate Matthew and Hubby Harley, I embarked on a memorable ride to Victor Harbor, SA, for an axe-throwing competition, relishing in the freedom and thrill that only riding can provide.

Gaining confidence and experience, my rides grew bolder.


Joining group rides and venturing on solo trips to Mount Gambier to visit Mum, I’ve discovered a sense of empowerment and camaraderie within the riding community. Each ride has become an opportunity for growth; a chance to sharpen skills and broaden horizons.

Looking ahead, my journey as a rider is filled with endless possibilities. Whether it’s embarking on longer jaunts or embracing new adventures, one thing is for sure, Goose will be by my side… a loyal mate on the road to self-discovery and beyond.


Woman Moto's Ad Sales Rep, Cat Ryan, woman with a motorcycle helmet and cat ears on



Written by Cat Ryan



We welcome team member Cat to Woman Moto in her capacity, chiefly as an Advertising Sales Representative and to support reviews of products and bikes.

She is a proud mum of two daughters and boasts a beautiful, positive personality… oozing sunshine and laughter. At 5’ 4ish” and a fashionable plus size, Cat looks stunning and confident in her gear.

With solid connections throughout the woman moto world, an absolute pleasure to deal with, she is a terrific asset to our e-mag team.

Welcome Cat






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