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She’s Every Which Way


Meet, Jenny from Kimberley BC, Canada. She will share some regular column pieces and photographs of what her and her gal pals get up to around the majestic mountains and trails of her homeland.

Exploring life and laughs on two knobbies…




Dirt Bike Belles

Jenny’s gal pals showing how it’s done… biker belles having some fun, in the dirt… Canadian style.








The Day He Fell…

This is a love story, a powerful, deep and moving story about a relationship surviving a motorcycle accident.







dirt bike gal on wrong size bike bc canada



Dirt bike choices for newbies and upgrades

Tall gal on small bike… small gal on big bike, what’s right for you?







Dirt n’ Giggles

With my bike outside, gear packed, and the cooler stocked, I anxiously await my ride. Up she pulls, windows down and music pumping. Without hesitation, she grabs my bike and starts wheeling it into the truck…



Jenny is interested in hearing from you as well, from all over the world… do you have stories to tell?

Adventures to share?


Shoot her an email for a chat…




In addition to her jaunty tales, Jenny is also a very talented photographer; take a gander at her portfolio


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