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Rotating Reaction

sweet jasmine pushes its hands through my helmet

clinging with strands of honeysuckle to my visor

suffusing with eucalypts as they intertwine themselves

in the arms of the wind

pulling me through suburbia


a soft tug on my sleeves, a gentle push

open within the outside, privy to an expansive space only accessible

on the rotating reaction caused by

igniting sparks as they pump breath

and blood up and down

whilst I move.


move along, curving round

tight bends, darting in and out

of streets with names like Howson, Grantham, Johnson, Rathedowne

the symbology of which means nothing to the land in which they are

paved across. A colonial signal of direction as I wend my way towards the Birrarung,

in search of wild sensations in the heart of asphalt and concrete.


sr 400 woman motorcyclist


Emily Dale

Emily’s page, squarespace


Photo Credit to Josiah Sebregts


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