Woman Moto rider or pillion article, woman motorcyclists standing near two bikes

The last of our Throw Your Leg Over series with Pillion Bridget… questioning rider or pillion?


Riding two-up is a shared adventure like no other, especially with someone you love. My first ride with my partner Alan, a quick evening blat up Mount Coot-Tha in Brisbane, is seared into my memory like it was yesterday. It was on our second date.

But there’s also nothing like having the wind in my face when I’m the one holding the handlebars, focusing on my line around each curve.

So which is more fun?


Woman Moto rider or pillion article, BMW GS 1200 Pillion and rider Macquarie Pass




The best thing about being a pillion is I don’t need to know how to ride. I don’t need the process of learning to ride and doing the test to get licenced. I also don’t need the rigmarole and expense of purchasing a bike.

However, I will need an experienced and willing rider; (shoutout to my Alan.)

Practicalities aside, my favourite thing about riding pillion, is the freedom to sit back and enjoy the ride. I relax and admire the beautiful scenery while Alan concentrates on the road. I notice those interesting things which he misses. I get to take photos and videos of all our rides. The best part is looking through them afterwards.


Riding pillion can be romantic… squeezing Alan between my thighs can feel quite sexy.


It also gives me a chance to have a quick after-lunch siesta, too.

If you don’t know a trustworthy rider who’s happy for you to jump on behind, it can be a bit daunting finding one. You don’t want to trust just anyone. Be selective and when in doubt, don’t.

The one part I struggle a bit being pillion, is handing the control over to Alan. I’m in the pillion seat; he’s in the control seat, literally. He has my life in his hands and the control freak part of me isn’t always comfortable with that.




The best thing about throwing my leg over my bike and wrapping my fingers around the handlebars is feeling in control of my machine and my experience.


Ahhh the freedom of pointing my motorbike towards the horizon and twisting the throttle.


Woman Moto rider or pillion article, woman motorcyclists standing near two bikes


The open road unfurls before me and the wind works its therapy magic, clearing my worrisome mind. I think of nothing else but being in this moment. It’s bliss.

When I see another rider approaching the focus changes to the nod… I don’t know who they are, male, female, young, old, newbie or experienced, but I see them and recognise the love of riding in their heart… our invisible connection.


And so I nod.


Mentally more demanding, the unwavering focus on the road, means I miss much of the scenery. So, which is more fun for you… riding pillion or solo?


For me, it’s a difficult choice and thankfully, I have the luxury of both.



Written by Bridget Hallam
Throw Your Leg Over


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