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Ride Forever

…is an ACC initiative from New Zealand, aimed at giving riders sound information and access to training, so they can make better choices. Aussies keep reading… there is an amazing amount of information on their website that totally relates to you also. A brief summary of what they’re about:

Established in 2009 after two looming issues were identified:

  1. Following a period through the ‘90s when motorcycles shrank in popularity, motorcycling started booming again; with more people riding, including those ‘born again’ …many lacked adequate skills. Crashes, injuries and fatalities were the result
  2. The realisation that conventional safety messaging and programmes weren’t resonating with the majority of riders. Motorcyclists knew their passion involved risk and accepted it.

Ride forever NZ maintenance & tips

Some earlier initiatives included:

  • Engage with riders, find solutions they would take up and endorse
  • Supply valuable information and encourage them to make better choices
  • Creating content that motorcyclists wanted to read
  • Provide sound advice on better riding, choice of gear, etc.
  • Encourage riders to hone their skills and undertake training
  • Have a Ride Forever presence at motorcycle events and media
  • Distribute leaflets and posters in appropriate places, spreading the word
  • Forging partnerships with other important agencies.

Ride Forever NZ - Motorcyclist gear check

The popularity of riding continued to sky-rocket but accidents, injuries and fatalities levelled off. Unfortunately, they were still at a high level and the cost to ACC was significant. Despite increases in motorcycle registration costs, riders were still only covering around a quarter of the actual funds required to cover treatment, rehabilitation and income support.

Phase two for Ride Forever was to create a consistently high-quality, nationally-available rider training programme. With the backing of ACC, this could be subsidised to make it affordable for any rider. From their perspective, the subsidy would be an investment with a return in reduced accidents and associated claims cost.

Ride Forever NZ - Improve Motorcycle Skills

Courses needed to be developed with a consistent, effective syllabus worked out for each one. Riders had to be told about it, understand what was on offer and be willing to try it.

It was to be a world-first and remains unique. Nowhere else in the world has created a nationally available advanced rider training programme.

Ride Forever NZ - Motorcycle Accessory andLuggage Check

Read here for more details of the origins of this life-saving resource… as we are united Down Under with our unique yet similarities of lifestyle and biking choices, this resource is not only for the Kiwis… but for the Aussies as well.

Stay safe out there… and Ride Forever


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