Lady with Ricondi Mount Glorious Black with red striped jacket and her red toy poodle on motorbike

If you’re keen on a quality-made leather jacket, without all the bells and whistles, then the Ricondi Mount Glorious is for you. It has a basic old-school design, with the stripes giving it a fresh, bold and fashionable flair.

Lady with Ricondi Mount Glorious Black with red striped jacket and her red toy poodle on motorbike

I was in Brisbane to pick up a red Suzuki Boulevard, I’d recently purchased, so took the opportunity to call into Race and Road to meet CEO, Lisa Campbell.

Whilst there, walking about the store and talking about bits and bobs, I was eyeing off all the gorgeous garments for the gals, scattered throughout the store.

I had no intention of buying a new jacket, coz I’ve got a few already in the wardrobe, but hey, a new bike and all… felt I needed to have a jacket to celebrate.

When I saw this colour combo amongst all the other colours of the rainbow, I knew this was for me.

Arm length


I’m tall, but not exceptionally so, 175 cm on a good day. The stock jackets, whilst perfect in body size and length, were all too short in arm length for me, so much so that an extra cuff length would have looked silly if just stitched on, so we decided to have one made to fit.

I’ve not had any problems with other arm lengths with any of the other jackets I’ve ever worn, so possibly arms grow shorter in SE Queensland. I was expertly measured up and even sat on a motorbike, set up in-store, for just this type of occasion, so they can ensure the important bits are covered in your motorcycle riding position.

That set me back an extra $200, but for $650 I was pleased with the purchase. Due to being custom-made, it was then posted to me, at no extra cost.

Weighing in at just over 3 kg with the armour included, this is one heavy-duty getup.


Suzuki Boulevard M109 with Ricordi leather jacket, a lady and red toy poodle



Made from matt black, fully perforated, top-grain cowhide

Oh my, this would have to be the most luscious leather I have ever felt on a protective motorcycle jacket. The first thing I did when I opened the package, was sniff deeply into the gorgeous leather scent and I caressed it all over like I would a purring cat.

Not to be fooled by the smooth and soft, it has quality and toughness to it.


CE Armour in the back, shoulders and elbows… EN 1621-1 2014 EN1621-2 2014 


Motorcycle jacet armour


This meets the Australasia standards and I feel completely confident wearing this when I’m at my highway speeds. Feels compact with the armour firm around the elbows and shoulders.


Robust YKK zips  ♥/X

Ricondi Mount Glorious leather jacket front

Top-quality zips, they’re heavy-duty, in relation to the garment… but there’s a bit of a love-hate relationship.

I love the look of them and how there’s no sharp edging. The black colour blends in admirably with the leather and there is reinforced stitching.

I love the finish with the leather edging; looks very polished. Spiffy.

X However, I have struggled, flustering so, to grasp the zip sliders, right from day dot. Initially, I thought it was because it was new and the leather needed to be worn in, etc. No.

With my other main road trippin’ jackets, I have done roughly 50,000 km each and I can’t say finding the zip slider has ever been an issue with any of them. I’ve just gone for the grab and there it is, right from new.


X With the Mount Glorious jacket, there have been numerous moments where it has been unnervingly frustrating trying to find the end of the slider to lift up so I can get the zip down.


Comparing the zips, I have sussed out where I believe the problem lay.


Harley Davidson jacket zip slider comparison


The other zips either have an extension tag on them, or the slider is the same width as the entire length, or fatter at the end. This enables a much easier grasp especially with gloves on.


With the Mount Glorious, the end of the slide tapers inwards and is slightly smaller than the other sliders, which gives it a stylish look as it fits tidily in the edges of the pockets and front closure, but makes it very difficult to seize.


Ricondi Mount Gloriuos zip slider comparison




If I’m buying a product for road trippin’ it needs to be efficient with its functionality. It’s completely different than jumping on the bike and going for a morning cruise, for brunch. There are so many other factors to consider when having a fuel stop and fiddling with a small zip slider to the point of sheer frustration, with failure to grip it initially, then the need to remove a glove each time yet still struggling to clinch the end is not at all appealing.

I am on the lookout for some slider tags to attach to all three zips of this jacket, to make it easier, the next time I wear the jacket.


Zip-out thermal vest liner


Ricondi motorcycle jacket internal thermal removable liner

This is a thick and beautiful ruby-coloured quilted liner that certainly ticks the boxes. It is removable for the summer months.

In the winter months, I’ve worn this around town and short highway distances with my Merino base plus a thin fleece under and it’s kept me rather warm. For longer distances and higher speeds, I’ve added my heated jacket insert, to flick on in the extreme cold.


Anti-stick, moisture-wicking internal liner 

RICONDI Mount Glorious Sleeve in black with red stripes

Not too difficult to remove the jacket in short sleeves, but has been a bit sticky on some occasions.

Just part of the process with this type of liner.

I feel, none of the jackets seem to be able to get this perfected.


Side buckle system to keep the jacket fitted


Good adjustment here. Ricondi adjustment buckets Mount Glorious Jacket

The fit of this jacket is simply lovely; it hugs in all the right places and follows the shape of the body. The buckles are a bonus to adjust when having more or less layering underneath. It all fits snugly, with no wind sneaking in to balloon it up, like the older leather jackets used to.


Pockets x 4 


Two side outer pockets with zips, large enough for hands. I put my smartphone and keys into them. Two internal pockets, one with a flap closure and one without, both with a small touch of Velcro, which is perfect for securing closed.

X The zip slider has issues, as described above.




The back of black leather jacket

The length is on the hips and when leaning forward still covers the lower back. Perfectly.


I had the option to have a pant joiner zip included at no extra cost, but I wouldn’t wear leather pants. If I did, I’d get a one-piece suit. There was a wide range of colours and if you wanted a different mix of colours, then they do custom-made to your specs.


I won’t be wearing this in the summer, at all, as anything over 28 degrees would make it unbearable.


I knew this when I bought it and yes, it is a basic model, but one incy-wincy bell, or whistle for a bit of airflow… would have made a huge difference. When compared to my other leather jacket, with a discreet zip vent on each sleeve and two zip vents on the rear seams, I wish it had been considered in the Mount Glorious design.


Red toy poodle snoozing on Ricondi Mount Glorious leather jacket


Often, we get caught out by the weatherman’s poor interpretation and on a day that turns much warmer than expected, a couple of zippered vents offer a much-needed breeze through the upper body; it would have more use and be a better jacket for 90% of my riding.


I love this jacket and am happy with my purchase. Mount Glorious  from Ricondi, is a good heavy jacket, for general three seasons of riding, in extraordinary comfort. It’s made to last and features a five-year manufacturer warranty.


4 out of 5 stars from me… less one star for the painful zip sliders and no air flow.


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