woman moto pillion R1200 GS

Welcome, Fearless Pilgrims of the Road.


This section is a tribute to the thrill-seekers, the pathfinders, the ones daring enough to ride pillion. We invite you to share your transcendental tales and join us on these extraordinary journeys.

Oh, the nostalgia of those bygone days, when sissy bars were simply a place to stash your swag and not for comfort! Adventures were born, tales were spun and legends were made… and you, our brave pillions, were at the heart of it all.

Each ride  a story, whether the roads were rough or smooth, the journeys filled with laughter or tears…  as the pillion finds that sweet spot between a rigid statue and a bowl of jelly.

Woman Moto wants to hear them all. The harrowing, the hilarious, the heartbreaking… the heart-warming. There’s no tale too small, no journey too short.


woman motorcycle pillion in france

Not… just a Pillion

Picture this: The wind in your hair, the open road ahead, the powerful hum of the bike below and the sense of freedom. Just because they aren’t shifting gears or making death-defying, split-second decisions, doesn’t mean they’re simply along for the ride.

They’re more than just a backseat driver.



Motorcycle partners having fun

Two-up Relationship Survival

Ever tried standing on one leg with your eyes closed? It’s not easy, right? Now imagine doing that on two wheels, whizzing down a highway.

That’s what a pillion does. They have to anticipate the rider’s movements, lean with the turns and help maintain the overall balance of the bike and in this case keep the romance going.




woman moto pillion BMW R12oo GS

Notepads at the ready, how to pack like a pro

Are you ready to embark on a journey through the realms of summer and winter in Europe?

Bridget, a seasoned traveller and packing guru, unveils her top-secret strategies for efficient packing. If you’ve ever struggled with overflowing suitcases, forgotten essentials, or simply wondered how to pack a pannier, this guide is for you.




The next time you gear up for a ride, remember to give a nod to the passenger behind you. They may not have the handlebars, but they’ve got your back… literally.


Perhaps, you have a hilarious anecdote about the time your driver took a wrong turn and you ended up in a different city altogether. Whatever your story, we’re all ears.




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