When the motorbike community finally recognises the needs of plus-size female riders…


…products like the Sherrie Leggings from MotoGirl emerge.

Let me tell you, they’re a definite trendsetter!

With a curvy, size 24 butt, sheesh… have I ever navigated the frustrating landscape of limited options, insufficient accommodation and the hefty price tags associated with larger sizes.

MotoGirl has shattered those barriers with its extensive size range, spanning from size 6 to size 28. Offering various length options ensures every rider, regardless of their size or shape, can enjoy both smart styling and safety on the road.


Woman Moto plus sized belle wearing Sherrie leggings from MotoGirl


Features that make these leggings stand out:


  • Kevlar protection provides an extra layer of safety for drag time in an off.
  • Level 2 armour protection for the hips and knees is a reassuring touch, especially for riders prioritising their safety.
  • Thick belt loops ensure a secure fit.
  • An overall AAA rating underscores the quality of craftsmanship.
  • Practicality and convenience of the very useable, back pockets; a rarity in motorcycle leggings!
  • Comfort is paramount and I’m pleased to report that these leggings deliver! The fabric feels akin to a high-quality pair of sports leggings, providing both flexibility and support.


Petite in stature, I appreciate the tailored knee fit, perfectly accommodating my knee position.


However, it’s worth noting that as a curvy rider, I’ve encountered a slight tightness in-between-the-legs. This could be attributed to my body shape; though a minor inconvenience compared to the overall benefits these leggings offer.


Sherrie Pants exhaust burn Woman Moto review


Now, a rather amusing anecdote…


During a recent road trip, I inadvertently brushed against my exhaust and singed my leggings. Thankfully, the Sherrie Leggings held up remarkably well, sparing my skin from any burns. However, my motorcycle, affectionately named Goose, bore the brunt and now sports a comical burn mark… amusingly enough… resembles a certain male appendage.



In conclusion, would I recommend these Sherrie Leggings from MotoGirl?


I give them a high 4 ½ stars. Half a point due to the weird feeling inner seam on me, but I adore these pants and they have saved my leg!

From their blend of comfort, fashion and safety features, they check all the boxes for a discerning rider like me. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or navigating city streets, the Sherrie Leggings are a reliable companion for any adventure on two wheels.


Woman Moto plus sized belle wearing Sherrie leggings from MotoGirl




CE Certified Garment – AAA rated
CE-Approved Level 2 knee protection included
CE-Approved Level 2 hip protectors included
100% covered by layer of protective aramid fiber
High Waisted with thick belt loops
Hip protector Pockets
Back Pockets
Heavy duty, stretchable and abrasion resistant
Mesh wickaway inside lining
True to size
Perfect amount of stretch where you need it the most.
Suits a wide range of body types.

2024 Price $369 AU/$400 NZ





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Reviewed by Cat Ryan





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