Woman Moto's Cat Ryan is wearing Sherrie Jacket and Sherrie Leggings from MotoGirl

MotoGirl Sherrie Jacket


As a plus-size woman, I initially faced challenges in sourcing a motorcycle jacket that complemented my curves. After trying several options, I stumbled upon the Sherrie Black Jacket, which is a step forward towards finding the ultimate game-changer for my figure and confidence.

I absolutely adore this jacket.


Not only does it boost my confidence, but boasts a sophisticated design with some essential safety features crucial for a novice rider like myself. The Level 2 protection on the elbows and shoulders, along with Kevlar impact zones, offers comprehensive protection.

It has a stylish black exterior, accented with reflective elements. There’s a beautifully adorned purple lining featuring a brave spirit motif that makes it functional and fashionable.


Woman Moto jacket review Sherrie jacket with helmet and cat ears


Practical pockets in abundance are welcome innovations, eliminating the need for a separate bag to carry essentials. Although if I need a separate bag, my first choice is the Octane Leg Bag, from Flying Solo.

While the Sherrie Jacket is adequate for summer rides, its lightweight construction is less suitable for colder or wetter conditions. However, layering it with a puffy jacket effectively addresses this issue, even in chilly weather.


Woman Moto's Cat Ryan is wearing Sherrie Jacket and Sherrie Leggings from MotoGirl


Despite its adorable merits, the Sherrie Jacket isn’t without some drawbacks.


I’d prefer a bit more stretch around the stomach area to enhance comfort, particularly on those undesirable bloated days. Additionally, an increased length would mitigate those rolling issues.






The zippers, whilst strong, can be sporadically finicky, requiring extra effort for smooth operation.

Removing the jacket can also be a bit cumbersome due to the snug fit around the arms.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend the Sherrie Jacket to fellow curvy riders, especially as a dependable option for summer outings.

I give it a 3 ½ stars rating

Whilst the best fit yet, for a jacket to suit me, I’ve noted, the length could be longer for the plus-sized body type, to prevent rolling. The finicky zips are frustrating and the overall fit is not perfect for me. 



The Sherrie Jacket by MotoGirl is available in sizes XXS-5XL and I purchased this for $459 from Peak Moto, a women-owned business, located in Melbourne, Victoria. They also cater to online ordering.




CE & UKCA Certified Garment – AAA rated
CE-Approved Level 2 Shoulder protection
CE-Approved Level 2 Elbow protectors

Pocket for back armour
Front zip closure
Connection zip at the back to attach to trousers
Chest & two front pockets

Reflective piping on back
Two inside pockets
Purple printed inner lining
Ribbing at cuff



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