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Lane filtering vs lane splitting

Is there a difference and what are the legalities?








Are you one?

What to do if you have one behind you…






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Relax to Ride

It’s likely, at some stage you’ve felt your motorcycle swerve, wiggle, slip and slide… due to surface changes, like lumps and bumps, course-altering cracks through the bitumen, or a bit of slippery moss…




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Look and React

Travelling at around 100kmph, we are covering nearly 28m per second, which gives diddley-squat time for a reaction if you happen to be too close to the vehicle in front of you…




Beyond the Pillion Podcasts

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When is it time to leave the car park?

If you’re not confident in the car park, you will be worse out on the streets… if your technique is deficient somewhere, this makes for a dangerous situation and decisions you’re unskilled to make, could potentially lead to a life-threatening situation…





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The tip here is to be aware of what is going on with you and the two wheels underneath you, at all times… split second mistakes could cost a life.





Fifty-dollar Head… Fifty-dollar Helmet… 

You want the best you can afford, so tell the shop assistant what purpose and type of protection you are after and the price range you are looking for. Do some homework, before going to buy… ask friends, research brands and functions so you have a good idea of at least three – five different helmets you’d like to start with.


The Beats go on… 

We wear helmets, gloves, boots, Kevlar, goggles, leather, armour, goggles, but hey… what about our ears? How do you go about protecting them? At high speeds, the ambient wind noise-level reaches over 100dB. It can sound high-pitched, be annoying, distracting and over time…


How to Crash… safely

Proactive action is a much better option than dealing with the prospect of a crash, so be aware and ride safer and smarter, as suggested above, to lessen those crash chances tenfold! Then there’s the yeah, ok, it’s never going to happen to me… but hey, it happens to other people every day, so why not you?



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