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These are the moto podcasts we love… so are sharing our favourites with you.


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Beyond the Pillion

These are terrific podcasts, hosted by Kahiwa Sebire and Mark Drechsler, touching on various topics to help get women into and staying riding motorcycles.

Weekly episodes with tips, tricks, advice and interviews.





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Stefano Cosentino, aka Big Stef, from Bikes, Burgers, Beers, did a moto podcast series to keep himself busy, partly sane and us entertained, when he was out of work due to the initial Covid lockdowns…

One series called Women on Wheels, is a collection of us gals having a good ole chat with him about how motorcycles relate to our lives and some of our livelihoods.

He’s lovely to listen to… has a real smooooth voice, he’s humorous and a great conversationalist.

Stef is… a man of many talents.

Click on the Bikes, Burgers, Beers Logo for the podcast main page and listed below are links to each of the 10 parts of Women on Wheels…



S01 E04 Women on Wheels Pt.1 The Aussie and the Indian

A special treat kicking off this, with the vibrant and legendary Chris Keeble, from The Aussie and The Indian.



S01 E05 Women on Wheels Pt.2 Janine

When people think they aren’t really that special or have very little to talk about, Stef disagrees. Janine is such an example.

He discovers a spontaneous woman who had zero interest in bikes up until a few years ago, who suddenly become a rider, a commuter and a travelling adventurer.

For anyone new to riding, this is a great episode.

For those of us that have forgotten when we got our license, it’s a lovely reminder of how adventurous we all were… listen to Janine’s baby steps as she battles rain, sliding, braking and more.



S01 E06 Women on Wheels Pt.3 this is me

Stef wasn’t sure what to expect when he asked me, Katarina, (nick named JD, from Madam Rider Australasia,) since rebranded to Woman Moto, to be on the show. He knew I had this great female inspired online magazine, but what I shared with him, was so much more.

Have a listen and find out where it all started from.



S01 E07 Women on Wheels Pt.4 Jacqui Kennedy

Introducing Jacqui Kennedy…

A political motorcycling pioneer who has ridden the Swiss Alps carving up Ducati motorcycles on a scooter. She’s been nearly everywhere in Australia on our beloved and familiar Postie bike and shares her amazing stories about roads and places travelled.



S01 E09 Women on Wheels Pt.6 Fabienne from Girl Torque

When you think of rider training, there aren’t a lot of options. When starting out, it can leave you confused, or worse… disappointed.

That’s where Girl steps in. Fabienne is a one woman driving force… ahem, riding force, with her unique training.



S01 E10 Women on Wheels Pt.7 Samantha from Pink Ribbon MC ride

Samantha from the Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride shares great insight into the organisation as well as her involvement and passion for all things motorcycles.

Samantha really does eat, sleep and breath bikes.



S01 E11 Women on Wheels Pt.8 Steph from Fempro Armour

Steph, from Fempro Armour, after completing a ride across the Simpson Desert, came to realise there was a lack of protective moto-cross gear for women and has gone about creating her own gear for women partaking in high impact activities.



S01 E12 Women on Wheels Pt.9 Linda Maher

Linda is a good friend of Stef’s and he couldn’t wait to have her on the show, not only because she rides one of the most rarest motorcycles in the world, but because she has some amazing stories from cop chases, to starting motorcycle races from the back of the pack to becoming a Castrol and NGK sponsored racer.  We have her and her bikes in our Wind Sister section.

Linda shares her adventures and stories, in this firecracker of an episode, from a different perspective. She mentions her autism gives her a unique way of riding a motorcycle.



S01 E13 Women on Wheels Pt.10 Rochelle from Harley Throttle Juice

Rochelle is the better looking, sassy firecracker from Harley Throttle Juice, an Australian vlogging, pie connoisseur, Harley loving long distance rider with her partner Rog.

Not only does Rochelle jump on her CVO and enjoy every second of it, she’s making up for lost kilometres by doing big rides. While the CVO is her fave ride, she has never let any bike stop her from doing 1,000 km days in the saddle, whether that be an old clunker Yamaha FZR, to an Iron 883.



We hope you enjoy these podcasts as much as we do here at Woman Moto… definitely some terrific stories.




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