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Jackets, jackets and more jackets.  Serious… road and adventure, seasonal fun and fashionable… we will review as many as we can, as there is so much variety available for us gals. Gotta love having choices.





So many bikes and riding styles, head shapes and sizes, open, full faces and bits in between. We will try and source the best and funkiest to review.





Jack Stillman nomad sling bag

Jack Stillman Nomad sling bag

This is one classy product of excellence and sophistication… versatile, comfortable and so in vogue, worn as a chest bag, across the body, or back. I’m confident in recommending this authentic, heritage-styled…



Miss Moto to the Rescue

I’m 183cm, a size 16-18, 100kgs… (that was honest of me), with a 34 inch inside leg; yep a little on the larger side at the moment. Finding ladies gear has been rather difficult; I don’t want to wear guys stuff any more!




Hightail Hair

If you want tangle-free hair during and after riding, you’ve got it… no maybes, ifs or buts. This is the REAL DEAL… no tangles, no hassle. No worries about finding that elastic hair-tie you thought you’d put on your wrist earlier…





FIVE + FIVE Fiery Fingers

Any product that can withstand the cold there is worth its weight in gold. Riding one morning in -4° C not only could I move my hands easily, but I could also feel my fingertips… my toes however, no and when I got off the bike after 1½ hours, I nearly face-planted when I tried to walk; my toes and top half of my feet were completely numb.



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