Can-Am Ryker named Lady Bug Sydney Harbour bridge

Lady Bug Ryker

Can-Am Ryker named Lady Bug

My name is Anne; I have two grown children, I’m a registered nurse and a community radio presenter on Alive 90.5 FM and always up for something different.

About 18 months ago my husband and I decided to buy a Can-Am Ryker to share, to give us something fun to enjoy over the COVID adjustments. Neither of us had ridden before, so we still had to get our licenses.

The first time I got on I was extremely nervous, as it felt really scary, but that soon turned into really thrilling. I learnt quickly, so-much-so a few weeks later my husband had to buy his own, as I wasn’t sharing anymore.

Can-Am Ryker named Lady Bug at SYdney Harbour

It was originally black but now that it’s just me riding it, I’ve added the pink decal.

People often look and admire it, approaching me when I stop, to talk, which makes me feel so proud. I finally understand why motorcyclists don’t like other people touching their bikes; I have had nice cars that I’ve loved before, but nothing compares to my Can Am Ryker.

I resonate with this: if you’re not a bit scared getting onto your bike then you shouldn’t be riding.

I’ve felt every emotion while riding, at first it’s scary and I’m filled with adrenaline, then there’s a serene calmness when I’m on an open road, one of the few places left in the world, that I can be totally alone with no phones, or radio, just righting the world’s wrongs in my head, whilst exploring the countryside… even while riding to work, I think about all the things I need to get done.

Can-Am Ryker named Lady Bug at Sydney Harbour bridge

Strangely enough, I’ve had more thinking time while riding, more-so than I’ve ever felt whilst driving a car… yet I give more concentration to the road and how I’m riding. I’m enjoying the precious alone times, just me with my thoughts… even if I’m riding with others.

Can-Am Ryker named Lady Bug open road riding

The comradery shared with other riders, is heart-warming; every time I ride past another bike there’s a slight tip of the head as a friendly hello… almost an acknowledgment of being in something together. I have joined a lady’s bike group called GirlsWhoRideAus and after one ride together I’m already firm friends with some ladies; there is an automatic sense of trust and understanding that I’ve not found anywhere else.

Can-Am Ryker named Lady Bug Sydney Harbour bridge

I’ve definitely caught the riding bug!

I have named her Lady Bug and I love being on her as often as I can… just love the freedom and seeing and exploring new places in a whole fresh way.

Can-Am Ryker named Lady Bug Sydney Harbour bridge and open road

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