Johnny Reb Hume Hoodie

Hume Protective Full-Zip Hoodie


Johnny Reb Hume Protective hoodie, side view

I’ve been a fan of Johnny Reb gear, since they brought out those cool-as boots for the fellas, with the ankle strap and loop. Not sure when they started making specific gear for women, but they sure have a great range for us now.


Imagine my surprise when I got an email from Hollie, Johnny Reb’s Marketing Manager to enquire if I’d be keen on a Content Creation opportunity with them and if I would like to wear their Burke open-face helmet in glitter and the Hume Protective Full-Zip Hoodie!


I was totally stoked, so of course I said hell-yeah!!


A lot of the fleeces available aren’t really designed for the gals, but Johnny Reb’s are. This has shape and it fits, rather than the baggy-saggy-blokey look.


Johnny Reb Hume Protective hoodie


I chose the vibrant berry colour as it compliments a lot of my clothes and I thought it looked rather chic.



  • Available in Berry/Grey/Black, Cotton/Fleece (290-300 GSM)
  • Lined with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibre (145-150 GSM)
  • Breathable mesh between your body and the Kevlar for skin comfort
  • CE Level 1 (EN 1621-1  2012) removable armour included, for elbows and shoulders
  • Full zip
  • Hood
  • 2 front hands pockets


The medium size was spot-on; I am a 12-14 women size. When I put this on, I felt like I was being cuddled. It fit snug, it has beautiful long sleeves, the armour is in all the right spots and it is very warm.

I have a textile jacket, with a rather befitting windproof liner, which I’ve removed the armour from, to use in another jacket. This hoodie fitted perfectly under that textile jacket, so I wore it like that for a 350 km round trip to test. The day was 14 degrees, blue skies and the roads were fairly bare, being a mid-weekday. I certainly felt warm and the inside is so very soft. When I stopped for lunch, I kept the hoodie on, as the wind had picked up.

I was thankful for the hood, not only standing there in the ocean wind, but it acts like a scarf around the neck and stopped the cold air sneaking under my collar when riding..

I have ridden with just the Hume Hoodie on many times now and have felt most comfortable at highway speeds with this as my jacket for the day. The armour is fitted in place and feels just right for me.

This hoodie has surprised me, because I’ve not considered a fleece before, as a fully protective jacket.

I’m one who rarely compromises on protection, so with the Kevlar lining throughout the entire jacket and the CE Level 1 armour, I have found this to be a multi-functional riding and socialising jacket and I’m certainly not afraid to take on the open road in it.


The only design flaw is there’s no zips, or other secure closure of the pockets for keys and phone. I like to carry these items on my person, mainly in-case of an off. Overall, an extremely luxurious feeling, quality made, chic-casual, choice.

A solid 4 ½ star from me. Only ½ star taken off for the lack of zips, because the quality and feel of this jacket is otherwise perfect for the designed functionality.



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Review by Katarina Dálaigh





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