Yamaha 650 V-Star

Jo Pinky

Introducing Jo Pinky, 5’2” and her 2010 YamaHarley, a Yamaha V-Star 650 cc, called Bonnie… represents ‘little fight’ after she beat the odds in an accident.  This is what she used to look like…


Jo Pinky Yamaha V-Star 650


“She’s definitely a one of a kind in Melbourne. This beauty, who I call Bonnie, is my comeback ride after being cleaned up February 2020 on the Monash by a car at no less than 100ks… those famous words I didn’t see you.  This is Bonnie, customised…


Jo Pinky - Yamaha 650 V-Star


“Three months into rehab I was looking to upgrade my bike. I wanted bigger and louder and with the help of a very good mate I had her custom painted. My partner helped add chrome more mods. I am in awe of my sexy looking V-Star and ride her with pride and the biggest smile on my face.”


650 V-Star Yamaha


Colour: custom colour fuscia candy, with metallic in the base

Has a new engine and gear box

Seat – Xtreme custom trim – by Damo

650 V-Star Yamaha Melbourne

Ears on helmet – cat lover

Favourite place to ride – The King Lake twisties

Loves riding with a couple of friends

Member of the Iron Maidens Melbourne group

Favourite accessory shop – MCA

Jo tries to ride everyday, loves the weekends

How does it make you feel – ride her with pride and the biggest smile on my face


Yamaha V-Star 650


Thanks Jo for sharing your beauty of a ride…



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