Red toy poodle snoozing on Ricondi Mount Glorious leather jacket

Jacket Reviews for Moto Women

Woman Moto is on a mission to review as many jackets for Moto Women, as to share with our fellow style enthusiasts. From the rugged leather jackets that scream badass to the lightweight mesh perfect for a summer ride, we seek preferences for the petite size 6 to the plus size. All beautiful belles will have as many options, as we can give them.

As I sit here, penning my thoughts, my eyes wander over to the jacket rack. It’s brimming with an array of motorcycle jackets, each unique in its colour and texture. I can easily spot seven, adding a splash of vibrant hues to my otherwise monochrome room.

Probably a couple more are hiding somewhere, maybe under the pile of books in the corner.

Each of these jackets play a special role in my life; it’s like picking your favourite offspring… I simply can’t! Depending upon my mood, the weather, or the destination, each becomes my favourite at a given moment.


Why limit the joy to just one?



Woman Moto's Cat Ryan wearing Sherrie Jacket and Leggings from MotoGirl


Sherrie Jacket

From MotoGirl, a favourite amongst the Belles.



Lady with Ricondi Mount Glorious Black with red striped jacket and her red toy poodle on motorbike


If you’re keen on a quality-made leather jacket, without all the bells and whistles, then the Ricondi Mount Glorious is for you. It has a basic old-school design, with the stripes giving it a fresh, bold and fashionable flair.




Woman motorcyclist with kevlar hoodie


Johnny Reb Hume Protective Full-Zip Hoodie

A very snug, feminine-shaped, fully kevlar-lined hoodie, smart to wear on or off the bike.




Revit Sand Suit H20 front with woman motorcyclist and BMW GS 750


REV’IT H20 Adventure

From a good winter soaking to the humid tropics, this high-end jacket is the duck’s nuts to keep you warm, cool and dry.




Woman motorcyclist sitting on Wide Glide


Johnny Reb Glenbrook Ink Denim

A good variety of textures, our jacket reviews for moto women explores a denim summer jacket, that adds an old-school feel to any riding-jacket wardrobe.




Australian outback rainbow though a motorcycle mirror


Dririder Vortex Adventure

Quality made from a reputable Aussie brand, a mid-range jacket with loads of features.




Hot wires


Venture 12V Heated Jacket Insert

Venture into pure heated bliss with this ultimate, must have winter accessory!




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