Miss Moto to the Rescue!


Melissa Jegging from Miss Moto


This is a product review from SJ Thorpe, a lady who posted such a great review on the Facebook group, Women On Two Wheels Australia, about the riding apparel she had just purchased from Miss Moto, I asked if we could share it to our mag… thank you SJ for your honest and descriptive review of two great products:

Melissa Jegging and the Valerie jacket.

I’m 183cm, a size 16-18, 100kgs… (that was honest of me), with a 34 inch inside leg; yep a little on the larger side at the moment. Finding ladies gear has been rather difficult; I don’t want to wear guys stuff anymore!

Today was great as I had a visit from the Miss Moto team; they were passing through my neighbourhood and with prior arrangement, had some gear in their car, for me to try. Just want to say these guys knocked it out of the park by bringing the Melissa Jegging. Oh my… nailed it!

After a little wiggle I got into an 18L; they’re super stretchy, high waisted, long, A-rated and look amazing! Almost like a regular item of clothing with knee protection, as standard. I’m so happy; I can even put my hip protectors in, from my Sherrie leggings! They’re so comfy. I have a big backside, but there was no overspill and I didn’t have to shoehorn it in.

The Melissa Jegging looking terrific from behind

I purchased the Valerie leather jacket, in camel; this is the best looking jacket I’ve seen so far, to go with the my Bell Bullitt retro helmet. Deep pockets, adjustable waist, inner liner and the leather is just gorgeous. I’ve tried quite a few jackets and was losing hope; the Valerie is perfectly long enough in the sleeves and body for me. I’m in love with it!

Looking sassy and feminine with her new gear from Miss Moto


Miss Moto to the rescue with the Motogirl gear! I’ve been wearing the jacket & leggings regularly for a month now; I still feel amazing, get heaps of compliments on my jacket, all while being protected against the road! ‘Scuse the back fat, just wanted you to see how much ass they cover.

I’m a happy woman, who no longer looks like a dude on her bike.

Mission accomplished!



Review credit to SJ Thorpe


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