Possibly the shortest product review ever, because it’s just WOW!!!

Most likely the best invention ever, for long haired, motorcyclists. I reckon those fellas with those adorable long locks, could get away with using this also, without seeming uncool. It is so simple to install, so simple to use and does exactly what it is meant to do… all at a very affordable price $55 AUD.

If you want tangle-free hair during and after riding, you’ve got it… no maybes, ifs or buts. This is the REAL DEAL… cannot possibly go wrong with this purchase.

Basically, it is a stretchy pocket designed to attach to the rear of your helmet, for you to tuck your hair up and into… not much different than tying up a ponytail really… oh hang on, yes it is, it’s way easier!

No tangles, no hassle. No worries about finding that elastic hair-tie you thought you’d put on your wrist earlier…

For some really cool views of how sassy you can look taking off your helmet, check out the Hightail Instagram page;  no way I can do it any more justice than these videos and pics, from other regular users…

How it works:

Tech speak:

  • Spandex pocket protects hair without binding or flattening
  • Stays attached to your helmet, so there’s no risk of leaving it behind
  • Unique adhesive and clip design make it easy to remove and switch helmets
  • Flexible frame fits 95% of road helmets but some off-road helmets can be problematic
  • Classic black and white styling goes with everything

Any questions the great customer service will answer them at


Thanks Hightail Hair for amazing product 5 STAR product… your words above and instructional videos, speak for themselves ♥



Katarina Dálaigh


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