Like kids in a candy store, bike enthusiasts love to swim in an ocean of choices. We switch bikes like we switch socks and no two routes we ride are exactly the same. So, why should our helmets be any different?

Every head is unique, just like every rider. Our reviews offer expert advice, leading you through the labyrinth of choices to find your perfect fit and style. From safety tips, to the best ways to avoid helmet hair.

Stay tuned for the list that will continue to grow, just like our love for the open road, bush or deserts.


Woman Motorcyclist putting on Johnny Reb Burke glitter open face helmet


Johnny Reb Burke Open Face – Glitter




HJC Helmet model 90S



Mary took off on an 8,000 km road trip last year and purchased some quality gear beforehand… here she reviews her new modular helmet.



Airoh Commander Progress

It is light to wear, comfortable across the forehead and provides excellent peripheral vision. The outer visor opens incrementally, great for preventing steamy-breath fog…




Fifty dollar head… fifty dollar helmet

A guide to buying a motorcycle helmet. Priority, within your price range, should be:






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