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Girl Rider Around Ballarat, GRAB pack, was formed after a local Ballarat lady, Kerry, realised quite a few women weren’t involving themselves with any Ballarat Riders group rides.

Kerry discovered it was due to a lack of riding confidence. They felt somewhat intimidated by so many fellas, riding within the group. The lad’s being more self-confident in their riding styles. 


Kerry proposed she invite the women to be part of a sisterhood, to encourage them to come out and about more. To ride and socialise with other women motorcyclists.


Girl Rider Around Ballarat


Predominantly, GRAB rides are for females only, however on occasion, they’ll invite their fellas to join in.

Many of those women’s skills and techniques have improved since, from riding with their female peers. They’ve also improved their confidence to ride with their partners and other friends, back in the mixed group.


Girl Rider Around Ballarat


They have one of the best T-Shirts ♥ I’ve seen for moto women and some sensational activities throughout the year to entice you:

Daylight saving dinners:

Meet at the lake, BYO munchies and have a natter, a heap of laughs, a ride, then mosey on home.


When not a lot of riding happens due to Ballarat’s intense cold and wet weather, there’s a fortnightly meeting at a pub for dinner.

Networking, keeping open those doors of friendship even though it’s too ick to ride.


Girl Rider Around Ballarat


They have various camping weekends where they ride as a group somewhere, for girls-only weekends away; a must-do!

Annually since 2021, there is the Grampians trip, on the 1st weekend in April. There’s not only spectacular scenery but much fun and shenanigans… what happens at the Grampians, stays at the Grampians.




GRAB is a huge supporter of women’s charities:

Their main one is the One Humanity Shower Bus, a worthy home-grown charity where the donations of things most of us take for granted, but are not easily attainable for all, get to those in need.

One humanity shower bus ballaratThey have a Christmas in July… again where they bring something for charity.

A few swap meets happen during the year for all sorts of gear… who doesn’t love pre-loved gear… offered up for buy, swap or sell.

You don’t even need to live in Ballarat to join this extraordinary woman moto social group, as networking with other women all over our land, is part of who GRAB is; that way when you’re riding through Ballarat, you’ve already made a bunch of friends ready to welcome you.


If you’ve stopped riding for a while, you are still more than welcome to join in activities; keeping in touch with each other and keeping those woman moto bonds is super important and sometimes that wee lifeline we need to get us out of the house.


Kerry Payne GRAB


“That’s what it’s all about… networking,” Kerry says.




As a GRAB pack gal myself, I can unquestionably vouch for their proficiency in having fun…


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