Chris Fisher Keeble standing with hands on hips

Step into the multi-faceted world of Chris Fisher Keeble, a place where she shares her unfiltered thoughts and experiences through our regular column:


Give Me the Baby – Not the Labour Pains!


Expect a whirlwind of emotions as she takes you on an engaging and entertaining journey. Prepare to laugh out loud as she dips into her treasure trove of side-splitting-crying humour and tongue-in-cheek wisecracks intertwined with her raw vulnerability and opinionated reflections which may bring a mixed tear or two.

Chris’ stimulating storytelling style makes each article a unique adventure. One instant you’re in the middle of a hilarious anecdote and the next you’re delving deep into a fascinating and captivating parable.


Christine Fisher Keeble, dressed in steam punk, next to motorbike in a garage


Journeys of age, miles and maintenance; they all add up and keeping such a machine well-oiled is a given right?
But that’s just scratching the surface!

Like a prized motorbike, our bodies need regular maintenance to keep running smoothly, which ain’t a job for the faint-hearted as you will see…

The first of in our quirky series, with Chris Fisher Keeble… aka The Creative Cruiser









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