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Emily’s Fancies… captivating the extraordinaries of motorcycling and the women who ride them…


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Take 2… Fear

The back wheel wobbles, the instant before I pull myself up and out of the turn. Muscles aching, tingles of shock race up my spine as I straighten and slow my pace, mind wavering, breathing stifled…





Take 1… Intro

My name is Emily and I’m a new freelance contributor here at Woman Moto. I’ll be sharing some musings with you on a variety of engaging topics, in a regular column, called “Emily’s Fancies” which I hope will leave you with a lovely concoction of sentiments and contemplations and always leave you feeling positive and empowered.



Emily Dale





By introducing various freelance writers and a regular columnist to our magazine, Woman Moto hopes to show we are open-minded to others’ opinions and thoughts. The way a writer presents their perceptions, etc., are not necessarily the same views of Woman Moto. Crikey, if we all talked the same and had the same points of view, then our conversations would get rather stagnant.

Woman Moto endorses all things moto safety related however, has no control of our freelancers’ protection choices.

Woman Moto values the differences that our freelancers provide and we aspire to indulge them with a creative space for their expressions.


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