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Hi to all our terrific supporters.

Out and about recently I was talking with some newbies who weren’t 100% confident in taking on the city streets and open roads yet.  It’s an important stage when progressing from the area that’s been relatively safe while learning how to operate your motorcycle… to be thrust into traffic.  If there’s any deficiency in your technique, that could lead to serious, if not fatal errors.

So I’ve popped in an article that may help with that… and for those who are supporting a learner… some great tips.  Take care out there hey:

When is it time to leave the car park?

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I spoke to an extraordinary woman, Linda Filewood from the Hunter Valley, NSW.  Wow has she had and got some pretty cool bikes… she’s been riding forEVER and couldn’t imagine her life without it.

Our columnist, Emily Dale has provided us some thoughts in Emily’s Fancies about one particular ride, which had her thinking… and also check out Part I of her time spent on the Women’s Bike Build.  A team of women fixed up an older model Virago to ride to the 2023 Sheila’s Shakedown.  Impressive, being part of such an inspiring team.

You’ll find that in our Tech Savvy section and Part II is in the works.

And hey… for those asking the questions “Where can I find… buy… trust…” there’s a lot of the answers in the Superior Services list of recommended businesses… building up to become your one-stop-go-to-list of those to trust.

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Woman Moto publishes new articles monthly and bi-monthly, occasionally some may pop up in between, but the preference is to give time for you to check them out, at your leisure.  It also gives our advertisers a longer coverage.

Quality stories over quantity… much time is put into the researching, writing, editing and sourcing photographs, so we can showcase the best to you…

An Aussie/Kiwi small business, targeted for motorcycling women, with the reader base steadily growing.


I am extremely proud of this unique format.  Going by the terrific feedback I’ve been receiving, you like it too… the words, “refreshing, authentic, heart warming, funny, feels like I’m riding along, very detailed, unique, love-it, fantastic, plus more…” have been repeated in lots of your emails.

Thank you, I am most humbled.

I appreciate your ongoing support and love those emails coming through and yes, I take on board any respectable critique also… as that too is important to me, for growth.


Take a tour through the variety of articles, something in there for everyone to enjoy.  You’re encouraged to join in on this journey as I love hearing what you’ve been up to… I especially love sharing your stories and pictures in the Wind Sisters section.

Stay safe out there and continue to experience your extraordinary…



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By introducing various freelance and regular writers to our magazine, Woman Moto hopes to show we are open-minded to others’ opinions and thoughts. The way a writer presents their perceptions, etc., are not necessarily the same views of Woman Moto. Crikey, if we all talked the same and had the same points of view, then our conversations would get rather stagnant.

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