Stripey jeans over Kevlar K-Leg leggings

November, 2022, I invested in a pair of leggings that would completely change the way I gear up for riding.


The availability of women-specific, protective, riding gear, for many of the years I’ve been riding, has been a joke! It’s all been made for the fellas. When out and about on my bikes, it wasn’t until I took off my helmet that people could see I was a girl. Having had the flat-chested gene passed down, didn’t help with shaping my bod underneath all the blokey jackets, pants and boots.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard comments about women being unable to find a stylish and feminine pair of riding pants. Who wants to rock up on your favourite ride, with a dozen other belles wearing the same pants, or worse, pants designed for the blokes?


Look no further coz the ULTIMATE solution is here… Draggin K-LEG Leggings


Over the past 10 – 15 years the motorcycle market has been slowly gearing up to include more female-specific choices. Whilst these K-Leg leggings are not specifically made for women, they are a terrific option to increase our choices, so that we can wear feminine pants, over the top.

I stumbled across the K-Leg leggings, in one of my internet searches for: Kevlar-lined pants that fit under jeans. Whilst incorrectly marketed as women’s leggings when I purchased them, they actually aren’t.


They come under that annoying term Unisex, which in real lingo means bloke’s gear…
but the Shelias can wear it too.


I purchased mine through the company, Riders Line. My measurements said I could fit the medium; I’m usually a 12-14 women’s size, but as the medium was out of stock and had been for eons, I chose the large, rather than going to a smaller fitting. Being stretchy, I thought it wouldn’t matter and I was spot-on.

The fit is roomy, with no tight bits pulling or stretching across my butt or legs. The feel of the material, is like nothing else I’ve got in my motorcycle wardrobe. I wear these leggings over my normal knickers. With my older style Kevlar pants, I’d need to wear bike shorts, to protect the upper-thighs from the scratchiness.

Having worn these pants regularly for well over a year, they are still soft. They just keep getting softer with each wash! I have sat in these for 3-4 day rides of 800 to 900 km days. They are comfortable… no doubt about it.


So why have they changed the way I gear up?


Because now, instead of looking for a heavy pair of motorcycle pants and thinking sheesh I wore these jeans last weekend and the week before that and yesterday and… I can just wear any damn pair of pants I want.


Stripey jeans over Kevlar K-Leg leggings


If I want to put on stripey, straight-leg or flowered jeans, or my stretchy, coloured tights or my sassy cowgirl jeans… I can!

Coz these K-Legs fit under every single pair of jeans and leggings I own.


Yep! Every. Single. Pair!



I finally feel fashionably feminine without losing any drag protection.

They are great in winter, foregoing the need for extra thermals. Yes, they are warm in the summer, but hey, summer is warm… the alternative is what?

All motorcycle gear of any quality protection will be warmer than wearing just a thin pair of summer jeans or regular jeggings. Here at Woman Moto, we’re about dressin’ for the slide, not the ride, so if it’s too hot to gear up, don’t ride.

Drive. Walk. Don’t go.

I have zero complaints about the quality, the feel or the functionality. I love, love, love these leggings.


Draggin K-Leg Leggings, showing inside layering of Kevlar


The only nit-picks I got are:


  • There should be pockets at the hip and knees for optional armour. It’s easy enough to manufacture a couple of different heights for the knees.
  • They were marketed as high-waisted. For a fella… yep, sure. For a woman? No, they’re not. They sit just below the waist, so a higher waist option, as in an authentic women’s garment, would be great. Saves having that waist band pushing down into the bladder area.
  • There are no length options, so we long-legged beauties have them sitting above the ankle, which if you want to wear them just as they are, you’d need high boots to cover that length.

Sitting in a higher price range, they shouldn’t just protect for draggin’ down the bitumen. No options for knees and hip armour is a major design flaw.

But those nit-picks do not take away anything from how much versatility they’ve given me with my riding fashion choices and keeping me safe while doing it.

For me, I rate them… 4 stars 

Marked down due to no length options, not high-waisted as marketed and no pockets for armour. The quality and incredible versatility keep the score high.


If you can only buy yourself one pair of motorcycle pants this year, consider the K-Legs Leggings as No. 1.


In reality, they bring your whole existing wardrobe of pants out into your motorcycle wardrobe.

For armour, I pad my shins and knees when I’m riding the open highways. Maybe I’ll try and stitch in pockets for hip armour before my next big road trip.



Specs and Features:


  • Draggin K-Legs are 100%DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre knit with additional reinforcement of double DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre around the knees and bottom area
  • Draggin’s exclusive Roomoto™ lining, a soft, breathable, flexible and non-allergenic protective material
  • Worn alone or as a base layer under pants of your choice
  • Designed to fit the female body
  • Super stretchy with a soft, wide, comfortable elasticated waistband
  • The fabric stays soft after multiple with wash and wear
  • Ankle cuffs, so they stay put


The science behind the jeans is all in the lining. The lining is knitted in a particular way so that the loop of the weave faces the road. What that means is that when the rider is sliding, during an off, the knit of the fabric acts to dissipate the heat .


Details of the feel and material:





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