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As the morning rises, the day sneaks in past my blinds and my eyes are kissed by the warmth of the sun. It’s Sunday morning and my vigour to get out of bed is far more than that of a working day.


Today my gal pals and I planned to load our 4 strokes, head to Ta Ta Creek, and twist-throttle!  


The day starts with a cup of coffee and a hearty bowl of oatmeal, all consumed in delight while envisioning the fun to be had. Texts are flying through the air as we pack our gear, make some snacks, organise rides and talk about a convoy.

With my bike outside, gear packed, and the cooler stocked, I anxiously await my ride. Up she pulls, windows down and music pumping. Without hesitation, she grabs my bike and starts wheeling it into the truck.


Dirt bike gal pals


Once upon a time, loading our bikes was arduous… now we just set the ramp, push them up and strap them down. Bags are in and we hit the road with self-respecting smiles from our effortless load.

Pulling up to the staging area, we spot the other gals unloading their bikes. Excitement is expressed in the greetings shared and hugs passed around. Our group of ladies consists of all the riding abilities: a newbie with her first bike, still waiting to get her boots dirty… two of us who are more than capable, but not into pinning it… and one who loves to rip.



After showing off our lucky dirt bike undergarments, fancy-coloured socks and sharing our latest-in-life stories, we suit up and buckle up.

With the bikes purring, we toss a leg over and twist the throttle, testing idling abilities. With the nod of our helmets, we pull out. Butterflies fill a couple of bellies, while others are chomping at the bit.


Dirt bike gal pals converse


Regardless, we are in all our glory to be on the trails together. We link up with a single-track trail that meanders us in and around the trees. Coming upon our first hill climb, I can see a bit of fear in my buddy’s eyes.




Climbs on a dirt bike, can be a bit daunting, so we kill the motors to have a look at the challenge ahead.


Eyeing up a good line and reassuring each other… we got this, everyone fires back up and one by one, we attempt the hill climb. While not all of us make it first up, we work together to get everyone to the top.


Gal pals dirt bike hill climb


Our ride continues in fun and each of us is challenged by the different skills required along the trail. Stopping for a mid-ride break, snacks are passed around and recipes are requested. Refuelled and ready to conquer the remainder of the trail, we continue.

Everyone is into their groove, flowing around the corners and cruising along, with giggles filling our helmets. We return to the staging area where high fives are proudly given for a great job in riding by all.



A ride with my ladies, leaves my soul feeling blessed for gal pals, that adventure. While we have all received and are forever appreciative of helping hands from the special fellas in our lives while dirt biking, something is empowering about going out with the ladies and realising we can do it solo.


Gal pal dirt bikers


Taking turns in the front and rear of the group, each of us is a leader and a follower.


Some of us are good at helping retrieve a fallen bike, others offer helpful advice and many are incredible cheerleaders… together we’re an amazing team.

As we head home my smile radiates from ear to ear and I look forward to the next time we meet to get a little dirt under our nails.


Let’s welcome our columnist from Canada…


Woman moto dirt bike rider Canada


Hi there,

My name is Jenny… or some close friends call me Jenny-G. I’m up here in Canada, living and loving the small-town life in the cozy mountains of Kimberley BC.


My interest in moto began when the coolest dude I know, also known as Uncle Loonie, would roll into town with his unruly hair flowing wildly under his beanie helmet, giving an extra crank on the throttle of his Harley to ensure everyone knew he was in town. It was that same uncle who bought me my first 125 cc Honda in my early 20s.


It had zero suspension and rode poorly… I loved every moment of it.


More importantly, I was hooked on twisting throttle. Unfortunately, money wasn’t abundant at that time in my life being a bit of a gypsy with ever-changing, minimal-paying jobs.

Dirt bike gal Canada

Years later my dearest friend and partner in crime, Carrie, got her first dirt bike which got me thinking… I need a dirt bike ASAP!

Being the researcher that Carrie is, she located the same bike for a steal. I didn’t have enough change in my pocket for an immediate purchase, but knowing this deal wouldn’t last for long, she spotted me the cash and we pulled away with a new-to-me, lean green, 140 cc Kawasaki 4 stroke.

Over the years we progressed together on our little Kawasakis alongside our great buddy, Acara. The fellas in our lives were always impressed at the places we could push those little bikes to… those same fellas were the reason we honed our dirt biking skills so well.


But it was also the encouragement and comradery shared between us three and our other gal pals that kept us pushing our limits. 


There came a time when my little green machine couldn’t get me where my skill level had widened, so we had to let her go. Acara had already made the move to a 250 and so I decided to pull up my big girl panties and take the leap too.

My step up in bikes came from a buddy deal that I couldn’t resist; a KTM 250SX, otherwise known as Roxy. He may not have been the ideal bike for bush riding, but his power and pep were just what I needed to find my progression and feel stronger than ever on the throttle.


Dirt bike gal hill climb Canada


My level of riding had an incredible advancement on Roxy and I felt more capable than ever. But life throws curve balls, things change and getting out to the bush to ride, started happening a little less often.

This is where Dolly came in, my ever so slim and agile moto, that has me feeling like I’m jumping on my mountain bike. Sticking with orange, I found a new-to-me KTM Freeride 250 and I don’t see us parting ways anytime soon.



So, here I am waiting for winter to melt so I can get out on 2 wheels with the ladies and share some adventures.

I’m interested in hearing from you as well; do you have stories to tell?

Adventures to share?

Questions? Shoot me an email  and let’s chat.



Jenny Bateman

April 2023



In addition to her jaunty tales, Jenny is also a talented photographer; check out her portfolio.


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