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rotating reaction

sweet jasmine pushes its hands through my helmet clinging with strands of honeysuckle to my visor suffusing with eucalypts as they intertwine themselves in the arms of the wind pulling me through suburbia a soft tug on my sleeves, a gentle push open within the outside, privy to an expansive space only accessible on the rotating reaction caused by igniting …

A Presence

  Igniting of a spark catalyst for continual contained explosions, thumping follows a constant companion a close friend through the rush of pothole strewn streets sudden stops, the singing of a single cylinder as it hums through lengthy gears, tight corners zig and zag across loaded lanes, a dance between partners who constantly change   Emily D      

Poetry in Motion. Poems from women motorcyclists.

Poetry in Motion

A collection of poetry expressing the ineffable in regard to all things motorcycles and riding… please join in the fun and let us publish your moto words too…   A Presence, by Emily Dale         Rotating Reaction, by Emily Dale     If you love this as much as we do please send us your poetry to …