Woman Motorcyclist putting on Johnny Reb Burke glitter open face helmet

Recently I was given the opportunity to review Johnny Reb Burke Open Face, in the gloss black with glitter.

As an open-road gal, my first choice is a full face, however, I still love and prefer the open face for around town and slower highway speeds when I need to truly feel that wind on my face.




With a well-rounded design, it follows the natural curve of my noggin rather nicely and fits snugly enough that I don’t feel like it’s held there by the chin strap. With a correct fit, there’s no gagging or choking at speed.

I was surprised how much of a difference the shape of a shell can make. I have a different brand open face, which has my head being tugged and blown about on any speeds over 80 kph. The Burke, claimed as the lowest profile open-face helmet approved for use within Australia, is much more aerodynamic and smoother up around the 100/110 kph.

Peripheral vision is spot on.

The lower profile appearance means I don’t feel like an alien and it looks sassy to boot with the glitter bling.


Johnny Reb Glitter Burke Helmet front, side, rear and inside views



Summer and Winter


I’ve tested it out over the warmer months and have now tested it in the cooler ones, to get an overall feel. On a beautiful cloudless-sky day, with a fresh chill in the air, I love nothing better than feeling that awakening wind on my face… without adding the burning sun to the mix.

If you’re after a no-frills open face, that’s light to wear, with some stylishly sexy, subtle bling, look no further than Johnny Reb’s Burke Glitter…


Fit for purpose (functionality)




Designed safety…

I give it a complete 5-star rating.


Johnny Reb Glitter Burke_Woman Moto





  • The lowest profile legal for road use helmet for sale in Australia
  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 1698
  • ADR approved certified by SAI Global 5 ticks
  • High-impact EPS inner
  • Shiny black with glitter
  • Super comfy inner lining
  • D-Ring closure system
  • Strap clip
  • Size range XS – XXL
  • Helmet Bag

Priced at – currently around $139 AU





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