NZ Biker Chicks

For girls who love the feeling of the wind in their hair and bugs on their visor. Those who ride with the throttle fully twisted, the Sunday riders and everyone in between.

nz biker chicks

NZ Biker Chicks is a great platform to directly speak with other women. If you feel like peeling out for a ride, pop up a post and those available at short notice will connect and ride with you. It is about building camaraderie and being one of the largest female motorcycle groups in New Zealand, it’s a great place to notify others of upcoming events, coffee catch-ups, making connections and selling riding clothes and/or motorbikes, plus more.

They love to have a chat and advise on topics of interest, all especially for the ladies. If you want to chat about your nerves as a newbie rider, they’ll embrace and encourage you. Making lifelong connections is what they’re all about… and hey… remember it’s a chick page, with chick rules meaning she is absolutely allowed to change her mind as many times as she likes and is always right!

women moto new zealand

So come on and say hi, join them for a ride, show off your bike, invite your new friends to share your favourite ride destinations, spicing it up with new roads to get there.

The group is kept private so only members can see and interact with each other… this way you can feel safe in being yourself and just talking amongst the girls.

biker chicks new zealand

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