Argon Rush Motorcycle Glove Review


With long fingers and wide hands, not many ladies’ gloves fit me correctly, except for some of the FIVE range. Then, some of the men’s gloves can be too wide. I’ve found a good compromise with the Argon Rush.

Browsing through an AMX store, I found the Argon Rush, in stylish black, with red accents. My preference is for full-length gloves to cover my jacket sleeve closure, to deter bees and wind.

Looking and feeling good, they seemed promising.


Argon Rush motorcycle glove lime and black


I was torn between the medium and large sizes, with little difference between the two. Choosing the medium ensured my little fingers had minimal slack at the ends. An important consideration when selecting gloves!

With a teensy stretching by the end of the first ride, the gloves accommodated my long, middle fingers comfortably .



* Too much slack at the end of a finger can hinder quick brake or gear changes.
Conversely, gloves that are too tight can restrict the full opening of your fingers.
Either will compromise safety in these manoeuvres.


I’d been looking for a general all-rounder glove for most ride days. I can add a thin thermal or dry-tec liner for cooler/wet days that aren’t seriously wintery. For mild summer days, they’re great. For those hotter summer days, over the 32 deg., I use perforated, light-coloured leather gloves.

The wrist opening is of good size to ride over most of my various jacket cuffs.


The area where there is hard wear, like pulling on the glove or adjusting it over the jacket sleeve, however, has been manufactured weakly. No double stitching or reinforcements. A closure flap ripped early on, in the wearing-in of these gloves. Unimpressed to say the least, as was road trippin’ at the time.


Motorcycle gloves torn


Normally I would have returned these to an AMX store, however, my circumstances over the previous four years had me all over the countryside and often not within cooee of any stockists. Not a superstore in sight. When I was able, I just had them mended.


The flexuous goat leather outer and kangaroo palm, offer support and mobility where it counts.


Argon Ruch motorcycle glove reinforced palmThe feel of the gloves against my skin is superior. Straight up I felt confident with all handlebar controls, gear changes and lever braking. My hands… unrestricted in action. There was no need for a wearing-in-period. The wearability… exceptionally effective.

A terrific addition is the touch panels on the fingers. Impressed with the Carbon + TPU knuckle protectors and the reinforced palm padding. My opinion is they have been well designed for an off.



NOTE: as with all armour, it’s crucial to ensure it’s situated where it’s needed to protect.

Correct sizing for a snug, non-slip fit is critically important to provide the best chance of protection. Always ascertain appropriate fit for purpose, with ALL armour!

A special surprise is the pockets that are formed behind the armour… the perfect spot to pop earplugs.

Woman Moto tests products over time to see how well they perform and wear. Reviewing the Argon Rush glove, apart from the initial tear, they have held up well, within the 6 month test period. Aired regularly and stored in a dry area, I feel these gloves will continue to protect for at least a further 6 months of heavy riding.

Sizes range from small to 3XL in five colour variants,  plus a HOT pink in the women’s version… enough variety to suit most.

The velcro strap at the wrist joint means a secure closure to keep the glove on and the velcro closure at the top of the cuff secures against bugs and wind. Both easy to grab with a gloved hand.



  • Tear-resistant goat leather outer, with kangaroo leather palm
  • Digital leather palm reinforcement for enhanced grip and protection
  • Rubber padding and reinforced leather panel on outer-side of palm
  • Carbon + TPU knuckle protectors
  • Carbon protectors on fingers
  • Touch panel on tips of thumb and index finger
  • 100% polyester lining with 2mm foam padding
  • Safety rated: CE certified EN1621-1


4 ½ stars.

½ star off for no reinforced stitching at major pull points. Product is value for money, retailing (2024) around $100 AU.


Overall, a damn fine glove… impressive comfort, stylish, with all the protection required from a full-length glove.



Argon Rush motorcycle gloves pink

The women’s version of the Argon Rush was not available to me at the time of review.




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