Woman Moto Sisterhood

This category of articles is all about our wind sisters… the word sisterhood gives us a sense of kinship and connectedness, where we form life-long bonds through our love of all things motorcycles.

As women, we are hardwired to enjoy close friendships, where we feel accepted… unconditionally for who we are. Becoming part of such a sisterhood, can make us feel so empowered and unstoppable…

We’ll showcase groups and individuals that empower and support, as well as articles and blogs sent in from our readers.



If you would like to be part of our wind sister section to showcase your bike or journey, please contact us about a blog, or even a product or bike review.

If you know of a group of empowering moto women that we’ve not listed, please send us the details.


We love getting stuff like that coz it’s the real deal.


This is all part of what Woman Moto is about… you, what and how you ride, the adventures discovered on and off the bitumen and a lifestyle within an inspiring sisterhood, experiencing your extraordinary…



woman moto style wheelstand