Our mission:


To showcase, empower and stay authentic, giving our readers something inspiring to dwell on and discuss over a brew or during a pit stop.


Our Aims are to:


  • Be positive and respectful to all, to empower each other.
  • Have some laughs, maybe a few tears.
  • Be adventurous, give a bit of attitude, be sassy yet sophisticated.
  • Show how riding and being in the wind connects women of various demographics.
  • Showcase ordinary women being themselves!
  • Maintain a list of superior services, personally recommended by Aussie and Kiwi gals

How fabulous it feels to each of us with the bonds we form through those senses and adventures.

Some women will have done totally awe-inspiring feats… like riding around the world, crossing deserts and continents. They may have been role models to others or raced on track circuits.

Some are weekend riders, desperately snatching any free time to ride… a grandma learning to ride at 68, or a young adult making her way in the world with a bike as her only transport.

There is the battered woman, after learning to ride, now has courage and confidence to move towards her new life.

Then there is the biker girl who simply lives, eats and breathes bikes.

This is for you all.


Whatever riding means to you, however you got into it and whatever keeps you doing it… you are all extraordinary women in your own unique way and that is the core of this magazine…


Woman Motowomen experiencing their extraordinary…



How easy is this…


Our Values


Commitment to our readers:

You are the reason Woman Moto  is here, so we want to give you what you want.  Please keep us on our toes to bring you the stories, reviews, pictures, that you want to see.

We aspire to be non-judgemental and well-mannered at all times.


We’re not afraid to talk about the taboo subjects.


We aim for truth and validation in all our articles.


Woman Moto is unique, to what’s generically available.  As sisters, primarily from  Australia and New Zealand, we face very similar challenges within the female biking lifestyle, which Woman Moto hopes to highlight and respectfully address.


Ok here goes it’s simple really… this comes from within in many different forms; we all have it, so let’s own it!


Above all else, we will remain humble.

Be kind: 

The goal is to always be kind, courteous and modest.


Go look in the mirror…


Woman Moto aims to give back, to the female riding community…


For our Aussie sisters, Karakia are Māori incantations, sometimes used to harmonise spiritual guidance and protection. Used also to increase the spiritual friendship of a gathering, so for relevance here, think along the lines of the guardian bells and angels that are with us… I hope this karakia will help protect and join us… together on the wind…


Please note this is a magazine targeted for an audience of women motorcyclists, empowering each other being a top priority


Woman Moto will never be anti-anybody… everyone       is welcome here.