Editor in chief of women moto magazine

As a young 12 year old trying to impress a neighbourhood boy by nabbing her dad’s CB 100 to show off with, Katarina got completely ignored, but fell in love with motorcycles instead…

A lifetime of riding later, Katarina was inspired by a particularly bone-rattling, 12,000 km mind-blowing ride to launch the original publication, specifically for moto women under the Southern Cross, Madam Rider in March ’21. She aims to pass the baton of knowledge, feminine prowess and that special brand of Kiwi and Aussie candour onto today’s woman moto community.

Editor in Chief Woman Moto magazine with her M109R Boulevard

Katarina is Kiwi born, Aussie bred, so wanted something to reflect the delightful differences we experience here, than anywhere else in the world. We are very unique in our lifestyle, surroundings and outlook so we want to know about the bikes, accessories and apparel that are available, to us.

January 2023 has us re-branded to fit in with what is being sourced via the internet… now the name Woman Moto just rolls off the tongue and keyboard. A huge learning and growth stage over the past two years as Madam Rider. I am most humbled by the amount of support from readers, well past 33,000 now.


This is your space: road riders, dirt riders, stunt women, newbies, racers, lifelong riders (like me,) bootyful babes, fearless foxes, brave and wanderlust women; for all those women wanting to experience their extraordinary…


Woman Moto supports local businesses and reviews bikes and products available for us.


The Choice of Logo

woman moto fun

The logo is a graphic, transposed from a photograph, of a young moto gal in my family. It has been altered a few times since to get it just right…

I wanted the face of Woman Moto to represent femininity, some sassiness, a little wildness, with a bit of attitude, classy and fun… getting on a bike and just going for a ride to wherever and beyond, to experience her extraordinary.


The Choice of Slogan

So many amazing moto stories amongst us of outstanding achievements… yet the actual person who has done the amazing, don’t usually think of themselves as being any different or extraordinary in any way.

Just having the courage to jump on a petrol-fuelled engine to risk life and limb riding through city streets to work, race around a track on the weekend, jump over dunes for fun, or dodge wombats and kangaroos en route for lunch… is something to be damn proud of and considered extraordinary, so be proud of who you are, hold that head up high and say, yes I too, am extraordinary!



The Choice of Redwomen moto fun

…the red tone chosen is to represent the positive symbology of the colour, including courage, passion, love, determination, sensitivity, joy, strength, willpower, action, radiance, sassiness and of course… lipstick!


We love hearing all your stories, so please email through your words, pictures, thoughts, skill sets and any feedback, for us to share with our wind sisters.

Woman Moto thanks you for your support